Examples of fillings

How our customers design their filling lines
The number of filling line solutions are as many as our customers. Design principles from one production line can however often be modified and used for many other products. Here are just a few examples as inspiration for your own Fillflex set-up.

Salmon paté - tin filling
An example on a semi-automatic filling line, easily adjustable for different types of products. Despite a considerable increase in production rate, the original Fillflex equipment is still being used.

Read more: Salmon_pate_e_1012.pdf (77 kB)

Liverpaste batter - baking tin filling
An example on a semi-automatic filling station. A basic installation where Fillflex has been used on daily basis for several years and provided substantial filling efficiency.

Read more: Liverpaste_e_1012.pdf (98 kB)

Detergent - bottle filling
A fully automatic filling line, where the filling process is controlled from the conveyor. An example showing that Fillflex Compact, despite compact design, also can be used in larger filling lines.

Read more: Detergents_e_1012.pdf (90 kB)