How fillflex filling machine works

The Fillflex system is based on a simple principle and its own innovative control system. Fillflex can be used both in semi automatic operation, with manually handled containers, and in fully automatic operation, together with a conveyor.

Semi automatic filling
The filling is started with, for instance, a pedal and the containers are manually fed.

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Fully automatic filling
Fillflex is used as a filling station together with a conveyor.

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Sequence filling
With just one filling machine you can fill 2, 3 or 4 containers one after another before switching containers.

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Compact_Sequence_e_1012.pdf (280 kB)

Expand with Fillflex
Fillflex is extremely flexible and the same machine can be used for both semi automatic and fully automatic filling.

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Simpel installation
Fillflex is factory tested when delivered. With a Fillflex Compact you can be up and running in just five minutes!

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Simpel to adjust
Put container under the outlet pipe, fill desired volume, enter the value and start filling!

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Wide volume range
Use the same filler for small retail-size bottles as well as large wholesale vats.

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Simple to clean
Only the pump is in contact with the filled product. Usually dismantled without tools.

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Simple and robust design
Pump, electric engine and speed control – a simple and robust design.

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